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After using, I realized that it was a better and easier way of sharing my website information, which is at  Thus, I will reference this WordPress site on that website to forward people to this site.  The address of this site is

Check it out and see if you don’t think it is easier to navigate.  The site will remain.  Frankly, the information on is static.  I’m not updating the pictures and it is infrequent that I add any genealogical information.

The inspiration for making this change was the addition of Isa Ellen Lester’s memoirs.   I’ve had the hardcopy for some years and was inspired by my cousin, Judy Nichol Dahl, to scan and publish it.  It is a fascinating story!  Isa’s daughter, and Judy’s mother, Doris Lester Nichol encouraged Isa to write them, which she did the year before she died in 1980.

The memoirs provide insight into the workings of a farm family, first in Southwestern Virginia, and later in Southeast Pennsylvania, and the tribulations that accompany such a life style.  It is a good read whether you are related to the family or not.

Jerry Lester


About jerryclester

Retired marine structural engineer, employed by Newport News Shipbuilding 1960-1994.
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